The Zhentarim Expedition

Invitation of a Prince

The Black Carriage

  • The party continues along the road of Barovia until they are greeted by the sound of an approaching carriage.
  • The Carriage is pulled by 2 Large black draft horses. The stage upon which set an imposing Half-elf with a gleaming scimitar. Inside is a black robed man and a woman in fine clothes with a mask fashioned to look like an ivory skull.
  • From the carriage came an imposing and elegant man of clear nobility, he revealed that he is Strahd Von Zarovich master of Barovia and he welcomed the characters to his land.
  • When trying to peak at the carriage closer Therai was met by the half-elf with a blade to his neck, whenever the elf is near one can hear the screams of hundreds of pained souls.
  • Strahd Says he hopes to see what the party brings to the land of Barovia, he hopes for some excitement, only commands that they leave alone his beloved for him to do with as he wants.

Village of Barovia

  • The party came to a squallid village under an increadibly large cliff on which sat an imposing dark castle that reaches up to cast the village in it’s shadow.
  • The party met the first people in Barovia and learned that in this land no new souls can be born, only reborn. And most(9 out of 10) Barovians are empty husks devoid of a soul.
  • The party through there investigation of the town learned a little about the land, and that Strahd has put his focus on Ireena Kolyana the burgomaster’s daughter.
  • In investigating Ireena discovered the burgomaster is dead and that they will be paid if they can help protect her to the walled city of Krezk where she should hopefully be safe, her brother will watch over the town as the new Burgomaster.
  • The party plans to use Ireena possibly to their advantage with Strahd, she could be a bargaining chip, they agree to help with protecting their father so the priest can bury him, after burying the Burgomaster the group sees a march of apparitions that rise from the graveyard and walk to Castle Raventloft where they jump into the abyss.


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