The Zhentarim Expedition

Greenest in Flames

Approach to Greenest

  • The current party arrived at Greenest to find the town already under attack, a little sooner than they had expected.
  • Upon entering the town via the river to avoid being seen they noticed a woman fighting kobolds defending her family with but a wooden spear and shield.
  • The adventurers killed the kobolds in order to get info from the woman and determined most people were at the keep in the center of town.
  • The party heads to the keep for information and possibly finding a way to profit from this endeavor.

Governor Nighthill’s plans

  • In the keep the party finds the Governor of Greenest and offer to help him to see if they can come across any opportunities to make some gold on the side.
  • The governor has them take on various tasks sealing a tunnel and defending the sally port of the keep.
  • When he asked them to save the mill they upon seeing the number of kobolds at the mill determined it wasn’t worth their time and told him the mill was lost.
  • The night closed with the heroes recuperating at the keep.

The Half Dragon Cyanwrath

  • The party is woken by the sounds of drums and chanting from outside, when they went to the balcony with the governor they saw a Half Dragon humanoid that was issuing a challenge to the strongest warriors in exchange for the life of a family he had captive.
  • Standing up to the challenge when the governor offered to pay them Medrash The Bloodied offered himself to combat.
  • A good foot and half shorted than the half dragon, he fought into a berserker rage against the most powerful opponent he has ever faced.
  • In a clash of steel and lightning that carried on for what seemed like an eternity Medrash narrowly avoiding Cyanwrath’s attacks he laid him down with one final slash at which a group of kobolds came in and retrieved his still bleeding body.

Following the Horde

  • After some investigation it was seen that Leosin is either captured or killed.
  • The Governor offers the heroes a reward to track the Attackers and find the prisoners and return them to the town.
  • Since the party needs the gold and must follow the raiders to find Leosin anyways they decide to take on this task.
  • Following the Cultists they took out a small group along with the raid’s rearguard learning more about the raid and about the cultists camp layout.


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