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    h1. Table of Contents: h3. [[Groups]] %{color:red}(Under construction)% h3. [[Locations | Locations]] %{color:red}(Under construction)% h3. [[Races]] h3. [[Religion]] %{color:red}(Under construction)%

  • Locations

    There are numerous locations important and useful to the party that they may use or visit regularly * Cities are listed in their respective regions h2. Regions * [[The Eastern Orient]] * [[Dragon's Reach]] * [[Fallen Empire of Ptah]] * [[Horseman' …

  • Religion

    h1. Featured Deities h3. [[Avandra]] [[Bahamut, The Platinum Dragon | Bahamut]] [[Bane, The Black Lord | Bane]] [[Corellon, First of the Seldarine | Corellon]] [[Erathis]] [[Gruumsh, The One-Eyed God | Gruumsh]] [[Ioun]] [[Kord]] [[Lolth, Queen …

  • Groups

    h4. [[Enforcers of Vecna]] h4. [[Gilded Samurai]] h4. [[Pirate Lords]] h4. [[The Protecting Fist | The Protecting Fist]] h4. [[Rider's guild]] h4. [[The Right Hand of Vecna]] h4. [[The Tinkering Gaurd]] h4. [[Yakuza]] h3. Back to: …

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