The Zhentarim Expedition

Welcome to the Mists

Vistani interruption

  • In Baldur’s gate the Shadow broker helped them provision and infiltrate a trade convoy that include some wagons and members of the Cult of Dragons.
  • The party travelled North for a couple days with the convoy and one night ended near a camp of colorful people know as the Vistani.
  • The Vistani offered food and drink for those who wanted to partake in their enjoyment as long as they listen to their stories.
  • The party and several others accepted and enjoyed themselves throughout the night and were told the Story of a lost prince who their people saved from the brink of death ages ago.
  • The prince promised them safety within his lands and that they can come when they can come and leave as they wish.
  • The prince came down with a curse and now is a tyrant over the land of Barovia, the Vistani plead for the party to accompany them home to see if they can put an end to the Curse that plagues the king and their home.
  • The party decided against this, the Vistani are dissapointed but accept the answer, and allow the group to enjoy the night.

Into the Mists

  • That night while Therai was on watch, he found himself suddenly stirred from staring at the bonfire by Medrash. The entire caravan and the Vistani had all vanished and the trees around them unfamiliar.
  • The party was encouraged down the road by the sound of an alarmingly growing number of wolves following them.
  • The party found a letter on a corpse “Burgomaster Kolyan Indirovich’s letter” the Burgomaster’s daughter is being hunted by the vampire that has ruled over this land he hopes for the person receiving this letter to help heal this land with holy magic and destroy the evil that haunts these lands.
  • The party passed 50 foot high decapitated stone statues at a massive iron gate that opened allowing them into the lands of Barovia.


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