The Zhentarim Expedition

Cult of the Dragon Queen

From what I remember

The Cultists Camp

  • The party finds the cultist camp and after killing the reargaurd took the clothes and infiltrated the camp.
  • After some time the party learns a little more about the camp and successfully free the prisoners but then get captured afterward.
    *The party finds had a few members get captured and successfully found Leosin when they were tied to a post near him in the camp, he was greatly injured from torture and barely conscious.
  • The others managed to start a panic in the camp by starting a series of fires.
  • In the chaos that followed they managed to free the others and sneak out of the camp concealed by the panic and smoke.
  • After escape they go to Greenest to claim their reward, which is given for returning the prisoners.
  • Leosin says he will head to Elturel where he will meet the Shadowbroker and wait for the others.
  • Leosin tells the others they need to go back to the camp to find out what the cult is up to, their attacks have been affecting Zhentarim Supply chains and could speak to a bigger problem around the corner.

Dragon Hatchery

  • The party made it back to the camp to see that the cult has almost entirely left leaving only a few that are staying near the entrance to a large cave near where Leosin was tied.
  • The party investigated the cave and found a series of tunnels and chambers after dealing with the guards.
  • In the caves was discovered Cyanwrath who demanded another one on one fight with Medrash and was cut down for good beneath a shrine to tiamat.
  • They discovered a lady named Frolum Mondath who was taking care of a clutch of dragon eggs for the cult.
  • After clearing out most of the Hatchery and destroying the eggs the party headed to Elturel to meet with Leosin and the Shadow Broker.


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